My cellphone (Android, HTC J-One) started giving me the following error every time I tried to follow a link to an external site from the official Facebook app.

Something went wrong
Sorry but there was a problem with this link
[insert link here]
You can now continue to this website or go back to the page you were on before. Remember: Only follow links from sources you trust.

I found out that the reason this happened was because I was not logged in to Facebook in my browser. The links in FB are often masked with a different address that includes the FB domain and by jumping from the app to the browser (where I wasn’t logged in), Facebook somehow thought someone was up to no good. Once I opened my browser and logged in there, I could click on links in the FB app and be taken to them without this error popping up.

Some sites will mention that deleting the Facebook Pages app will fix this problem. It didn’t in my case.

I have recently started learning how to be a square dance caller. The learning curve is very steep as there are so many factors to keep in mind at once. I decided to make a website to store resources that will help me improve my craft. I called it “Square Your Dance“.

I don’t like the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby. I don’t like the fact that Japan’s prime minister has not learned anything from history about the dangers of a heavily militarized Japan. And I don’t like the idea of a caliphate being created in Syria and Iraq.

Am I just getting old and crotchety, or are there some seriously bad things happening in the world right now? I mean, bad things are always happening, but these three things seem particularly ominous because they all point to a regression in our collective intelligence as humans.

Why are we going backwards?

I have a Windows 7 laptop and recently the fan has started to run loudly whenever I open Chrome. This made me think that Chrome was using up too much memory. I was able to narrow it down to Chrome because it happens even if there is nothing else open.

I noticed in the Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete, then select “Task Manager”) that Chrome had launched several processes. I wondered why that was the case and whether that was what was causing the problem. This post on Reddit gave an idea of how to proceed.

  1. Use shift+esc while you are in Chrome to see what processes are currently running.
  2. Have a look (on the settings page) at which extensions you have enabled and delete any ones that you don’t use very often.

This seems to have fixed the problem, so far.

I call it a “fake argument” when there is a supposedly controversial issue that, when you really think about it, doesn’t even need to be discussed. Here are my top three fake arguments. If you find yourself embroiled in an argument (online or otherwise) that involves any of these topics, don’t get fired up. Just ignore it. Walk away. It is fake. It doesn’t exist. It is rubber and you are glue.

  1. No one is trying to take away Christmas by saying “Happy Holidays”.
  2. Democrats vs. Republicans. Liberals vs. conservatives. These words are meaningless. Never remain involved in an argument that has devolved to the point where any of these words are being used. If you can’t express your own point of view without referring to a political ideology (that is only used to shore up a cult of personality around politicians), then your argument is invalid (and fake).
  3. Parents vs. childless people. Any intelligent person can tell that it is hard to raise children. Any intelligent person knows that there are reasons why some people cannot have children or choose not to have children. EOD.