Expressions that You Need to Learn for Level 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

sou desu that is right
chigaimasu that is wrong
sumimasen excuse me, I am sorry
arigatou gozaimasu thank you
dou itashimashite you are welcome
mou ichido itte kudasai please say it one more time
minna de itte kudasai please say it together
douzo please, go ahead
ohayou gozaimasu good morning
konnichi wa good afternoon, hello
konban wa good evening (greeting)
sayoonara good bye
onamae wa nan desu ka what is your name?
imi wa nan desu ka what does that mean?
shukudai-o dashite kudasai please hand in the homework
wakarimasu ka do you understand?
ii desu ka is this okay?
yoku dekimashita good job
oyasuminasai good night
shitsurei shimasu I’ll lose courtesy, please excuse me, good-bye, I humbly leave
onegai shimasu excuse me (to get attention at store), thank-you in advance
gomen kudasai hello?! (to get attention at store, house)
ojama shimasu I will make an interruption, I humbly come in
ojama shimashita I have made an interruption, I humbly take my leave, I’m sorry to have bothered you
doumo sumimasen thank-you very much for your trouble, I am very sorry
(kono X), arigatoo gozaimashita thank you for what you have done, thank you for lending me X
hajimemashite how do you do (only when meeting for the first time)
douzo yoroshiku glad to meet you, lit. please be good to me
sou desu nee let me think…
Xsan-o onegai shimasu can I speak to X please
osoku natte sumimasen sorry for being late
wakarimashita understood
arimashita here it is! found it!
aa, soo soo now I remember
dou shitan desu ka what happened, what’s the matter, what’s up
jitsu wa … n desu actually, the fact is…
shikata-ga arimasen, (shouganai) nothing can be done
okagesamade thanks to whoever is responsible

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