Dec 11

How to Fix the “android.process.acore” Problem on an Android Device

Edit: Some people have reported in the comments that this solution DOES DELETE YOUR CONTACTS. Use at your own risk!

The problem:
Your Android device (tablet, phone, Android TV) gives you the following message.

“The process android.process.acore has stopped working.”

The solution:
Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> All (button on the top that lets you see all applications) –> scroll down to “Contacts Storage” –> Click on “Clear Data”.

This worked on my Android TV and I have seen reports of it working on other Android devices.

I do not have any contacts stored on my Android TV, so this solution did not cause any problems with my device. If you are using a contacts list on your device, I cannot say whether this will cause problems with your list of contacts. If you think it might, please look for another solution. (If anyone is brave enough to try it anyway, please let me know!)


  1. spencer says:

    it works.however i mistakenly pressed erased contracts first then thought sod it so erased contacts as well.no more problems..

  2. Doug says:

    Worked on my Lenovo A7 immediately. The error notice stopped popping up.

  3. Mauricio Camacho says:

    That worked on my son’s Lenovo A1

  4. Thiago says:

    works on samsung Galaxy S3
    funciona no samsung galaxy s3

  5. DON says:


  6. shefalika says:

    how can we do in trio tablet
    .please help

  7. SarVonne says:

    How can I fix the “android.process.acore not responding” error on Trio tablet?

  8. theo says:

    in my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 I cannot find that contacts storage file,I searched at all

  9. sabino says:

    works on my sony ericson xperia

  10. NM says:

    This worked a treat!! Thanks sooo much Shaney, I was just about to go pay $200 to have it fixed. Many thanks.

  11. Walter says:

    WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! Thank you so much for posting this info! Worked on my wifes Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  12. my phone is karbonn titanium s2….i will try this method but it is not working now ….so plzzzz help me how to avoid this error msg…..plzzzz help me

  13. Rattro says:

    It’s work temporary. After some it’s force close again …. Fix it please

  14. anil yadav says:

    i also suffering from same problem, when i install whats app on my android phone, it automaticaly stop & say your device com.whats app is unexpectedly stop,please try again.please sr help me i want to use whats app on my phone

  15. Muhamed says:

    It worked very well, Thanks.

  16. Rich N says:

    I was frantically looking for a solution and here it was!
    Thank you for posting!

  17. Nuwan says:

    HI Bro,

    You solve my headache .Thanks a lot.


  18. Manish says:

    It worked . Thanks Shaney.. It does erase contacts from phone but I took backup before doing the above steps..

  19. rosa says:

    per favore potete aiutare anche me? ho lo stesso problema con android process acore, ho un samsung galaxy advance.

  20. anonymous says:

    hi.jus wanna say thanx to all who posted here.it really helped my LG OPTIMUS . THANK U SHANEY.

  21. john says:

    Thank you was searching all night on yahoo and finally stumbled on to your step by step solution the error was constant I could barely do anyting on my S 5 so I backed my contacts up on skydrive and sd card and followed you instruction it worked thanks again
    regards J

  22. makiningh says:

    Am using T-Mobile myTouch and so far no one seems to have ever tried on it. But I keep getting the same pop-up msg. Is it safe to go on with the process ????

  23. Sd ahsan says:

    It really works. Thanks for the solution.

  24. Frederick Galdo says:

    solution above is not working on my LG E400 upgraded with 4.4.2. i flashed different ROM. but the problem is still there.

  25. Frederick Galdo says:

    i did hard reset and reset on setting. but problem is still there.. anybody can fix this?

  26. 2pore says:

    This works on android , it does delete contacts thank you

  27. Lynn says:

    My Kobo won’t let me go into setting or anything. It keeps telling me to force close it. I do that and it force closes it and the same message comes back. Any suggestions?

  28. dale says:

    I habe the same problem with mine but it keeps popping up and I cant get to settings ibe done a hard reset and still nothing works

  29. Hayley says:

    This is great thank you- worked a treat. I had disabled calendar by mistake so was able to find it and enable and hey presto it works again…. Phew much appreciated.

  30. Assaye says:

    Worked on my Galaxy S4 smart phone. Thank you so much!

  31. kaushal says:

    the procedure you described above didn’t work on my mobile “micromax A068″ if you have any alternate option than plz mention as soon as possible.

  32. cortes says:

    YO this is pissing the f of nothing has worked i did all this and no good results i got the htc one sv i hard reseted my phone all of that it stoped for like a half an hour than it came back i needs some extra help

  33. kavita says:

    Thanks a ton!!!

  34. Catalin says:

    yeah it really worked on my samsung galaxy s4 i9505, after i installed yahoo mail app started to get that message. but i folowed these steps and the spam stopped. and now i can use my phone again. thanks !

  35. i need help ..i can’t delete my contacts cause the sistem throus me out of the settings and i am crazy about that ..please give me an advice. thanks

  36. Surya Prakash says:

    i don’t know how are you but your advice is helpful for me.

    Surya Prakash Ajmer

  37. Jeff says:

    This works on my S5. Every time I restart my phone, it has to be fixed again, but it does work.

  38. Aliasgar says:

    hay Shaney so many thanks it worked like charm with my samsung duos S7562

    Thank you so mush it was frustrating me from last two days.

  39. Soumya Dhar says:

    I could not use my LG optmus L5 612 for more than 3 months due to this issue, tried your way. But the android.process.acore still is coming up. Really became sad as I thought like many my problem would be solved, can you please help me in this regards.

    Thanks in advance

  40. Rich says:

    Worked perfect on Samsung Note3 had to flip quickly between menu and notice and all is well .Thanks

  41. Melanie says:

    I had disabled the calendar also by mistake on my Samsung Galaxy 5. This error was driving me crazy. I found the calendar and restored it and immediately the error stopped. Thanks so much to whomever posted that solution. Also, didn’t have to worry about my contacts getting deleted. Yay!!!!

  42. simar says:

    Thanks my samsun S4 gets normal after doing thiss
    This wass hard to go setting then apllication…….. becoz that pop message come after every 2 second but thankss for this

  43. Ali says:

    Its all about CALENDAR STORAGE
    If u disabled that app go and enable that app
    IF it doesnt work check this solution
    ->settings -> app manager -> click on right down button of ur phone (menu) -> reset all app perference
    Send ur feed back
    Remember androi.acore.process is all about CALENDAR STORAGE

  44. Anonymous S4 User says:

    To Ali, thank you! That solution worked. And here I was all day searching; clearing contacts, re-syncing, uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook, and etc

  45. Fidel says:

    I’m using a Lenovo P700i and I’m having the same problem but doing the all these solutions doesn’t work for me, I’ve had it factory wiped multiple times and it doesn’t really work. So do I have to send it to the service center?

  46. Eky says:

    Thanks it worked, amn using an s4

  47. tkmytk says:

    Thanks dude, the procedure worked really good on my old LG su660. Only that it cleared all my contacts.

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