How to Get Your Android Phone Out of Safe Mode

One of my friends suddenly found that her phone had put itself in “safe mode”. She had no idea how she had done it and no idea how to get it out of that mode. After looking around on the internet, I found a solution that worked for her.

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Turn it back on and hold the “up” volume button.

Pretty easy, but it seemed to work for her.

Hope this helps!

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842 Responses to How to Get Your Android Phone Out of Safe Mode

  1. Kayla says:

    Thanks very much u helped me a lot !!!!!!

  2. Robin says:

    I had the same problem. i tryed this and it worked! Thanks!

  3. Val says:

    Thanks a lot, dont have a clue how my phone got to that mode!!

  4. Jeannie D says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You’re a dear for posting this!

  5. Anikeit says:

    Thanx buddy its workkss……….!

  6. jenny says:

    Thanks so much. No info on the phone or the manual

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. stephanie says:

    Thank you so much my phone got into save mode after i dropped it tonight in the rain and I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to figure it out and you helped me thanks so much

  9. dave says:

    thank you for taking the time to post this .it worked on my galaxy 3 .ta

  10. CD says:

    This worked for us too!! Thanks

  11. vinton says:

    Tried it and it didn’t work. I also deleted some new apps I downloaded in case if they were infected. Still didn’t help

  12. ED says:

    Thnx soo much i didnt noee how to take it offf

  13. debbee says:

    Thank you. it worked

  14. Cameron Jackman says:

    Thank u it worked perfect

  15. Tracy says:

    Worked like a charm … thanks so much

  16. Ada says:

    God you bless you!

  17. Wendy Hill says:

    Very helpful Shane – I had the same message and your fix worked.
    does anyone know what ‘safe mode’ means?

  18. Albert says:

    Just helped me out. Thanks!

  19. Sarah says:

    Thank-you very much, this was driving me BONKERS :) xxxxxx

  20. amber says:

    awesome advice it definably worked thank you!!!

  21. Gladys says:

    That is how my friend turned it on. That does not help telling me what safe mode is

  22. Thank you very very much…
    I service centre person told ur all data will
    Be lost nd finally i search on google nd saw
    Ur idea… Its really works.
    Thanx a lot

  23. Jess says:

    Helped so much your a god send!!

  24. Charlena says:

    omg thank you so much!! it worked!!!!!! i panicked for a minute there

  25. Ron says:

    Thanks it works on my S III

  26. mary rose says:

    help me plss i cant exit the safe mode

  27. erick says:

    Actually Ino how it may have hapened…I think pressing the power button nd the volume down key sets it off.this is what it did to mine. However thank you so much Inever thought of pressing up instead of down x) hahaha

  28. suddy says:

    Hold the button on the right of the phone. It gives 3 options. Select restart.

  29. sylvia says:

    thank you so much for this information, it has worked on my galaxy S1

  30. knesh says:

    It worked for my Zio!!!! thank you

  31. breanna says:

    This helped thanks!!!:)

  32. Kevin says:

    This helped me so much!Thank you!

  33. Nayte says:

    Thanks a lot! It actually worked! I got android galaxy

  34. ashley says:

    Thank you soooo much it worked for me. You sure are smart.

  35. Clarissa says:

    Thank u it work

  36. Jenny preggo twins says:

    Omg…ty sooooooooo much! This happened2me b4 several nonths ago&i completly forgot how to disable! Lifesaver! Thnx! :)

  37. Kisha says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  38. Kimberly says:

    OMG! My phone was stuck on safe Mod and driving me crazy…It worked !!. Thanks again

  39. shelly says:

    Worked for me too. ; )

  40. De says:

    I couldn’t figure it out to save my life, glad u did. Thanks!

  41. Vanessa says:

    How do i do this if my phones up button does not work ?

  42. DJ says:

    have no idea how it got in ‘safe mode’ but it’s off now.

    Thank You ! !

  43. Jeanette says:

    I didn’t know if this wld work, but it did! Have no clue how it ended up in safe mode, but glad I found your site!

  44. Sha says:

    I didn’t think it would apply to my android tablet, it did! Thanks a bunch because I just couldn’t figure it out.

  45. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much!
    I don’t know how it got to safe mode, but it’s fixed now!

  46. Zainab says:

    It still didnt work dont know what else to do plz plz hep me!!!!

  47. Jeanne says:

    It happened to me. Verizon said turn phone off wait two minutes. Take back off, then remove battery, then sims card count to ten. Put sims card in, then battery cover on. Turn back on should be removed. If continues could be an app and has to be removed by removing severel apps as they can hide in them.

  48. Carolyn says:

    Worked like a charm. Thank you so much.

  49. bex says:


  50. king Nell says:

    Thanks! The same remedy worked for me, i have a samsung galaxy s2..

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