How to Get Your Android Phone Out of Safe Mode

One of my friends suddenly found that her phone had put itself in “safe mode”. She had no idea how she had done it and no idea how to get it out of that mode. After looking around on the internet, I found a solution that worked for her.

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Turn it back on and hold the “up” volume button.

Pretty easy, but it seemed to work for her.

Hope this helps!

851 thoughts on “How to Get Your Android Phone Out of Safe Mode

  1. stephanie

    Thank you so much my phone got into save mode after i dropped it tonight in the rain and I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to figure it out and you helped me thanks so much

  2. Wendy Hill

    Very helpful Shane – I had the same message and your fix worked.
    does anyone know what ‘safe mode’ means?

  3. erick

    Actually Ino how it may have hapened…I think pressing the power button nd the volume down key sets it off.this is what it did to mine. However thank you so much Inever thought of pressing up instead of down x) hahaha

  4. Jenny preggo twins

    Omg…ty sooooooooo much! This happened2me b4 several nonths ago&i completly forgot how to disable! Lifesaver! Thnx! :)

  5. Sha

    I didn’t think it would apply to my android tablet, it did! Thanks a bunch because I just couldn’t figure it out.

  6. Jeanne

    It happened to me. Verizon said turn phone off wait two minutes. Take back off, then remove battery, then sims card count to ten. Put sims card in, then battery cover on. Turn back on should be removed. If continues could be an app and has to be removed by removing severel apps as they can hide in them.

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