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Connected to Public Wifi, No Internet Access (Hotel)

I was able to connect my phone to my hotel wifi, but not my computer. The computer connected to the network, but it said that I had “no internet access”. I looked online for some solutions and here are some of the things that I tried.

  • Turning my computer off and on.
  • Turning my wifi off and on.
  • Flushing my DNS (command prompt — ipconfig /flushdns)
  • Releasing my IP address and renewing it (command prompt — ipconfig /release, then ipconfig /renew)
  • Opening different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

None of these worked. Here is what did.

  • Network settings for the network in question
  • Go to “properties”
  • Internet protocol version 4
  • Go to “properties”
  • “Choose DNS server automatically” (mine was set to the Google DNS servers)

Hope this helps!

Pondering the American System of Government in February 2016

One problem is that intelligent people, who could lead fairly and justly, don’t often go into politics.

Another problem is that very few people know what the job of “governing” actually entails. It is not the same as running a business, even a very big business.

Furthermore, the premise that all the thinking in the world can be divided into two diametrically opposed streams is fundamentally, and tragically, flawed.

… … … … …

It’s 1:00am and the American system of government is keeping me up past my bedtime writing thesis statements for political science papers I wish someone would write and everyone would read and agree on so we could get tucked into the business of fixing things rather than watching members of the 1% spend millions of dollars over the course of more than a year preening for the camera and trying to convince everyone that they are intelligent enough to run the country, that they know how best to do so, and that one of those diametrically opposed streams of thought is fundamentally more righteous than the other.

Printer Won’t Feed Paper

I have a Canon printer and it starting having trouble feeding the paper in. I found this really odd thread (please follow the link, as you won’t believe me otherwise) that suggested, amongst other things, the following:

  • turn the printer upside down and shake it
  • shove a slightly thick piece of paper (or cardboard) through it
  • clean various parts with alcohol

Almost all of the people who posted found something stuck inside their printer and shaking it or shoving thin cardboard or thick cardstock (e.g. a thick Christmas card) was enough to dislodge the thing that was stopping the feeder from working properly. Examples of things that were stuck in there include: pens, insects, needles, paper clips, food, SD cards, parts of Christmas trees, coins, paper, pills, toys, etc. Many people who tried out this solution said they were convinced nothing was stuck back there… until they tried this.

Even if you don’t have a printer problem you may find the thread interesting to read just for the number and variety of things that people get stuck in their printers. (Some of the posts are obviously just making fun of the idea. I’m pretty sure a moose wouldn’t fit back there, for example.)

Shaking and pushing through cardstock has made my printer “attempt to print” which it was refusing to do before, but it is still not completely fixed. It looks a bit dusty in there, but nothing came out after the shaking/pushing episodes. (Note, I tried both more than once.) I don’t print very often, so I shall have to wait and see if this fix sticks.

Blank Screen on Dell Vostro After Windows 10 Upgrade

This is a problem with the graphics driver and the BIOS.

1. The problem is caused by the computer selecting an external monitor (which may or may not be present) as the main monitor for the laptop. If you have an extra monitor, attach it to the Vostro and the screen will probably show up there.

2. Update the BIOS to A12. You can find the update on the Dell site. You might need to go looking for it specifically. When I used the Dell site to search for updates (of any kind), it led me to update the BIOS, but only to A09. I had to go back to the site and search for further BIOS updates in order to find A12.

3. You can try upgrading the graphics driver, but I don’t think that helped in my case. Disabling the graphics driver will force the screen back to the laptop monitor, but you will be using a very basic, generic graphics driver in that case, so you will have limited functionality. The above BIOS update is the only thing that worked for me.