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Printer Won’t Feed Paper

I have a Canon printer and it starting having trouble feeding the paper in. I found this really odd thread (please follow the link, as you won’t believe me otherwise) that suggested, amongst other things, the following: turn the printer … Continue reading

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Blank Screen on Dell Vostro After Windows 10 Upgrade

This is a problem with the graphics driver and the BIOS. 1. The problem is caused by the computer selecting an external monitor (which may or may not be present) as the main monitor for the laptop. If you have … Continue reading

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Touchscreen Not Working in Chrome After Windows 10 Upgrade

After I upgraded my computer to Windows 10, my touchscreen stopped working in Chrome. I actually didn’t notice it for quite some time, which tells me that maybe I don’t need a touchscreen. Anyway, here’s a workaround that can fix … Continue reading

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How To Turn Off Cursor Animations in Microsoft Office

I don’t know. Maybe some people like how the cursor flies around the screen in Office 2013 applications. I do not. Here’s how to stop the insanity. Open any Microsoft Office 2013 program. Click on the “?” thingy at the … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of that Stupid Black Bar on Top of Google Chrome

If you move your mouse up to the top of your screen in Chrome, does a black bar come down to obscure the tabs? Is it super, dooper annoying? Yeah, it is. The problem is that you are using Chrome … Continue reading

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