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What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?

This article is not based on anything resembling fact, so it cannot be used to form an opinion about illegal immigrants. It was written by someone (or probably a combination of people over the years) with a strong bias against immigration in general, legal or otherwise. It tries to incite hatred against people from other countries. According to, it claims to use as its source several articles from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which itself has a strong bias against immigration, but even CIS denounces this article as “a chain email that is in no way scientific”. Furthermore, the original article was published in 2007, so it should have been taken down many years ago since it has been thoroughly discredited.

The intention of this article is to make people believe that immigration in general is bad. It constantly combines statistics about legal and illegal immigration and tries to paint all immigrants with the same brush. And the reason it does that is because it is trying to make a bigger point. This article is not about illegal immigration, it is about encouraging nationalist and xenophobic thinking. Look at how it says that most of these illegal immigrants are from Mexico and then says that public schools have “thousands of students speaking 41 different languages” and later “over 100 languages”. In my experience, people from Mexico speak Spanish. Who is speaking the other 40 to 99 languages this article refers to?

The gist of this article is that people from other countries are bad. They are probably terrorists. Languages besides English are bad. Foreigners cause all the problems in the US. Therefore, if you just deport all of them, everything will be fine. Everyone who remains will be nice and white and law abiding.

The point of this article is not to educate you about illegal immigration, it is to incite you to hate foreign people. Therefore, it cannot be used to start a reasonable conversation about illegal immigration until and unless all participants in the conversation agree on that point.

Wrong Way

I don’t like the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby. I don’t like the fact that Japan’s prime minister has not learned anything from history about the dangers of a heavily militarized Japan. And I don’t like the idea of a caliphate being created in Syria and Iraq.

Am I just getting old and crotchety, or are there some seriously bad things happening in the world right now? I mean, bad things are always happening, but these three things seem particularly ominous because they all point to a regression in our collective intelligence as humans.

Why are we going backwards?

Fake Arguments

I call it a “fake argument” when there is a supposedly controversial issue that, when you really think about it, doesn’t even need to be discussed. Here are my top three fake arguments. If you find yourself embroiled in an argument (online or otherwise) that involves any of these topics, don’t get fired up. Just ignore it. Walk away. It is fake. It doesn’t exist. It is rubber and you are glue.

  1. No one is trying to take away Christmas by saying “Happy Holidays”.
  2. Democrats vs. Republicans. Liberals vs. conservatives. These words are meaningless. Never remain involved in an argument that has devolved to the point where any of these words are being used. If you can’t express your own point of view without referring to a political ideology (that is only used to shore up a cult of personality around politicians), then your argument is invalid (and fake).
  3. Parents vs. childless people. Any intelligent person can tell that it is hard to raise children. Any intelligent person knows that there are reasons why some people cannot have children or choose not to have children. EOD.

I Wish That

I wish that
people who call themselves Christian
would understand that theirs is but one religion
and not the only religion
and that for any person to be free to follow any religion
all people must be free to follow all religions.

I wish that
people who call themselves Christian
would understand that what is written in the Bible
is not a rational explanation of the world
as it is today
but a running discourse
written by many hands
over many years
with many viewpoints
which do not always agree
with each other
and so it is not meant as a gavel
to be used in rational arguments
with rational people
to pronounce final judgments on
what they can and cannot do.

I wish that
people who call themselves Christian
would come to understand
that people who don’t believe the same things
that they believe
are not wrong
there is no way to pin down
right and wrong
when you are in the
imaginary realm
of faith.

I wish that
people who call themselves Christian
would look back at their own
cultural history
of persecution
and remember what it is like
to be on the wrong side
of powerful
and dogmatic popular opinion
and, rather than rejoice in the fact
that they are now strong enough
to persecute others
as they were once persecuted,
reflect on the fact
that once they were “wrong”
but now perhaps
only because of their numbers
they think are right.

I wish that
people who call themselves Christian
would see themselves
as but one pebble on the beach,
part of the interminable
between the sand and the sea
but not
the builder or the mover
of time or the tide.

I wish.
And I pray.