A Beautiful Mind

Whenever I watch TV, I try to avoid watching previews of movies. I like to be surprised by movies and that is impossible to do if you’ve seen all the good bits in the previews. I also try to avoid hearing anything about the plot or any opinions on the show other than whether it is worth seeing or not. That way I can watch the movie and come up with my own opinions. I managed to do that quite often when I was living in Japan because I didn’t have a TV. It’s a bit harder to do here in Canada, but I managed to do it for this movie. I knew that it had Russell Crowe in it (not one of my favourites) and that’s about it. And my clean-slate opinion? It’s not a bad movie. It’s rather long, and I thought it was about to end several times, but having seen it all the way to the end, I can see why most of the scenes were left in. I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. (***)