Linguistics Game for ESL Classes

Here is an idea for an activity for an ESL class.

Give this list to students and ask them to fill in the missing parts.

Chickasaw English
Ofi’at kowi’a lhiyohli. The dog chases the cat.
Kowi’at ofi’a lhiyohli. The cat chases the dog.
Ofi’at shoha. The dog stinks.
Ihooat hattaka shooli. The woman hugs the man.
Lhiyohlili. I chase her/him.
Salhiyohli. She/he chases me.
Hilha. She/he dances.
The man hugs the woman.
The cat stinks.
I hug her/him.
The woman dances.
Ihooat sashooli.
Ofi’at hilha.
Kowi’a lhiyohlili.

(This activity was taken from the Linguistic Olympics page which is no longer available.)

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