Phan Rang Chronicles

The father of one of my good friends from Queen’s University has written a book about the time he spent as a doctor in Vietnam during the war. The book is called Phan Rang Chronicles by Henry Hamilton and it is available on Amazon. I just found out about it, so I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds very interesting.

From a review by Professor Michael Zeitlin (U of British Columbia, co-editor of Soldier Talk: The Vietnam War in Oral Narrative):

I have encountered no other account as rich or concentrated in its rendering of the personal, social, and historical materiality of daily existence in the Vietnam War. The immense value of this account, finally, lies in Dr. Hamilton’s clarity of vision (one inflected by a classic sense of British wit and reserve), indeed in his fierce and eloquently realized commitment to describing what he saw with his own eyes, what he thought, and what he did on a daily basis over the course of some twenty months of the Vietnam War.