My Eyes, My Eyes!

The people who designed this site…

Website of the Ibaraki Self Defence Forces

…are going to protect us if anything happens to Japan.

(Please click on the image so you can go to the site and get the full effect. I can’t really describe all that flashing and animation in words. I am actually tempted to take a video just so that it can be preserved for posterity as one of the worst sites I have ever seen.)

That is the website of the Ibaraki section of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Do they have any idea what an awful impression they are giving people with that site? I mean, it is almost physically painful for me to look at it. None of the colours match, I have no idea where to focus my attention, and they really need to put a warning on the site that it may cause seizures. It looks like it was made by a hyperactive child, not a military organization.

There must be some internet policing organization where I can report such atrocities against the Information Age.

(Note: I found just the place: Worst of the Web. I wonder if they will feature of Japanese site? It is certainly deserving, but they may be hesitant to put something up in a language they can’t read.)