Views of Nepal

Two of my colleagues are from Nepal, so I am learning a lot about their country these days. One of my colleagues introduced me to a Nepali blogger named Rajesh KC, who also happens to be a famous Nepali cartoonist. In his latest blog post, Rajesh captured views of Kathmandu over a rare one-week period of clear skies.

For a week Nepal had cloudless blue skies starting from November 15 (2007). Kathmandu illuminated under the mountain range from Dhaulagiri to Gaurishanker. Mets said the clear skies in Nepal are due to a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. When the skies are clear in the Valley, 80% of the Himalayan range can be seen from Lalitpur area.

>>See Rajesh’s stunning photos of Kathmandu.

And if you like those photos, you also might like the ones he took of Manang, an area of Nepal that is rich with Tibetan influences.