Mii on Wii

One of my friends has a Nintendo Wii and almost all of my friends here are included as characters on it. You can make your own character by choosing from a number of features (height, weight, hair colour, face shape, etc.) and then — I assume — you can use your character in games through the system. I say “I assume” because I haven’t done anything with my character yet. Just designing it was fun enough!

Mii on Wii
“Hello. I’m Shaney-Mii on Wii!”

I don’t really like playing blow-’em-up video games very much, but I do like things that involve music and rhythm. Last week, I played a dancing game (which was actually more like a drumming game) with two motion-sensitive wii-motes and it was really fun. Then, I found out later that Nintendo has created a balance board that you can stand on and do a number of different activities to help improve your fitness. (They call it Wii Fit.)

Too good to be true? Not sure. It was only released in Japan on Saturday, so there haven’t exactly been any studies done to date on whether it is effective. But anything that gets me out of my chair and moving around instead of posting incessantly on my various blogs will probably show some sort of effect!

Last Modified on September 12, 2020
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