Change the Language of the Evernote Interface

Apparently, Evernote is big in Japan, which is good news, BUT when I upgraded to Evernote 3.5, the language of the interface changed to Japanese because my computer’s OS is Japanese. I would prefer to work with Evernote in English, so I tried to find a way to change the language back. I couldn’t find any buttons or settings that would let me switch back, but I did find a quick and easy workaround that has done the trick so far.

  1. Close Evernote.
  2. Go to the folder where the Evernote3.5 program files are stored and rename the ja-JP folder to something else (e.g. no-ja-JP).
  3. Open Evernote again. It should revert to English.

Please note that this is not a permanent solution. If you upgrade to the next version of Evernote, the ja-JP folder may re-appear, so you will have to repeat this trick. Hopefully, by then, the Evernote guys will have put the option in the settings to let you change the language more easily. (That’s a big hint if you guys are listening!)

Note: Less than a week after I posted this message, the latest version of Evernote was released with the option to change languages! Maybe they are big fans of my blog and read the above? :)