Sex and the City 2

Wow. That was not a good movie. Here’s why.

1. It was horrifically disrespectful to Muslims and religious people anywhere. You may not believe the same things that other people believe, but you have to respect their beliefs and their culture, especially when you are in their country. The scene with Samantha in the market was shocking, wrong, and upsetting on so many levels.

2. It had no discernible plot other than “can Carrie and Big make it through another two hours without breaking up?”

3. If you break the law in a foreign country, you are likely to suffer a fate worse than being pitched out of your $20,000 per night hotel room.

4. I wonder how much money the film made on marketing clothes and shoes alone?

5. Muslim women do not look up to vapid New York fashionistas as their saviours.

6. Did you notice how they were CONSTANTLY eating?

7. I don’t even need to ask if you noticed the unbelievably shocking make-up on all the girls. Why didn’t anyone say anything before this film was released?

8. What exactly were they trying to say about marriage, and children, and singleness? Or Islam? Or traditions? Or gay marriage? Or Danish architects?

9. Liza, Penelope, Miley. Whatever. (No, I take that back. Liza was fabulous. She’s had my heart ever since she played Lucille 2 in Arrested Development.)

10. If you get a flat screen TV as a present, the correct answer is “thank you”, not “jewellery would have been nice”.