Help My Friends Help the Kitties

There is a cat rescue group called Japan Cat Network in Shiga Prefecture and it is run by an American couple, David and Susan Wybenga. They are really doing amazing work in trying to decrease the stray cat population, find new homes for animals that get abandoned, and educate the public about animal welfare. They use “trap, neuter, release” techniques to try to decrease the stray population and they run a shelter in their own home for the ones who are able to be re-homed. I have been to their house and met both of them and I can vouch for the fact that they are doing good work and are not making any kind of profit off of their organization. I have never met such a dedicated team.

They are currently trying to raise money to buy more cat food for the winter months. They are running a sponsorship drive, but they are also accepting donations of cat food and money to be put towards cat food. The details of their current drive are here.

Their main website is here.

And you can find information about other ways you can help here.

If you like to donate money at this time of the year and you are looking for a worthy cause, I would recommend Japan Cat Network as a good recipient of your charity. I guarantee they will put your money to good use.