How to Fix the “android.process.acore” Problem on an Android Device

Edit: Some people have reported in the comments that this solution DOES DELETE YOUR CONTACTS. Use at your own risk!

The problem:
Your Android device (tablet, phone, Android TV) gives you the following message.

“The process android.process.acore has stopped working.”

The solution:
Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> All (button on the top that lets you see all applications) –> scroll down to “Contacts Storage” –> Click on “Clear Data”.

This worked on my Android TV and I have seen reports of it working on other Android devices.

I do not have any contacts stored on my Android TV, so this solution did not cause any problems with my device. If you are using a contacts list on your device, I cannot say whether this will cause problems with your list of contacts. If you think it might, please look for another solution. (If anyone is brave enough to try it anyway, please let me know!)

265 thoughts on “How to Fix the “android.process.acore” Problem on an Android Device

  1. Thanks dude, the procedure worked really good on my old LG su660. Only that it cleared all my contacts.

  2. Emmanuel Ochai

    i’ve tried to follow the process but the probs still exist. and my contacts have deleted.
    Samsung galaxy trend plus GT S-7580

  3. I had this problem. Clearing the data did not help but disabling Contacts Storage seems (so far) to have solved it. I’ll let it run for a few days before declaring victory but this is a totally annoying problem on a TV stick!

  4. Denes Alonzo

    Unfortunately my android.process.acore has stopped!!! Please help me!!!

  5. Tricia

    Thanks! That fixed the problem for me (which occurred after downloading a new AT&T update to my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone). I appreciate your help.

  6. raj

    Really didn’t work on my phone….after clear data…..still show the android .com.a core has stopped

  7. Chilly

    I solved this problem by “clearing Cache”. You will find it in “Settings” – “Apps administrationd” – “All Apps”. I solved this problem on a Huawei from my dad….

  8. Nicholas


  9. suman Adhikari

    It keeps popping up “application logs provider” force closure. I cant get to any applications or settings. I’ve even taken battery out. Its because it pops up. Need help urgently. Its always popping and cant go for any touch.. Thanks

  10. Abdulhaleem baram

    whatsapp error on galaxy grand duos GT-I9082.

  11. P VZ

    I cannot get to my settings to try this repair. Help, plz.

  12. emily

    THANK YOU!!! Your advice worked!! MUCH MUCH appreciated!!!!!!!!!

  13. Alynn

    Thank you ,your advice was really worked on my tab 4,much appreciated. Thank you so much !

  14. Thanks for the solution. It worked for me.

  15. laurie

    i cannot even get to enter my pswd on my mototola phone the keypad is not coming up to allow me so i cant go past that first screen heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!11

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