How to Fix the “android.process.acore” Problem on an Android Device

Edit: Some people have reported in the comments that this solution DOES DELETE YOUR CONTACTS. Use at your own risk!

The problem:
Your Android device (tablet, phone, Android TV) gives you the following message.

“The process android.process.acore has stopped working.”

The solution:
Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> All (button on the top that lets you see all applications) –> scroll down to “Contacts Storage” –> Click on “Clear Data”.

This worked on my Android TV and I have seen reports of it working on other Android devices.

I do not have any contacts stored on my Android TV, so this solution did not cause any problems with my device. If you are using a contacts list on your device, I cannot say whether this will cause problems with your list of contacts. If you think it might, please look for another solution. (If anyone is brave enough to try it anyway, please let me know!)

265 thoughts on “How to Fix the “android.process.acore” Problem on an Android Device

  1. Klaus

    Fixed the Problem on my A1. Thanx a lot…

  2. John loewen

    Worked for me while alternating custom Roms on a motorola Xoom. Thank you.

  3. Laura

    I have this problem but the message appears every second, so I can’t touch any other button on my tablet, can someone help me?:(

  4. evans

    this tablet is b.s and to think i got 4–(pandigital novel) it keeps saying process acore has stop working. WOW. there is nothing on it-just got it less than 24hrs ago, and i call the company, they said company in bankruptcy–out of business…just wasted money

  5. Allan

    It work!!!
    even in the emulator..:D

  6. thank you so much
    its work

  7. seems to work so far. still waiting for error to popup. i was without my phone for last 5 days until reading this. kudos!

  8. Anna

    I doesn’t work on my lenovo tablet :(

  9. Ranjan

    Brilliant. I had just installed the CM ROM as well as the google apps, when this error message came up. I looked at and read a whole bunch of sites, but you were the only one to explain how to solve the problem on my Nexus 7.

    Thank you very much.

  10. MASH

    It have deleted all my Contacts but still the same problem, whan ever I open my contact and click on any contact shows the mesg. (the process android processacore has stopped unexpectedly.please try again.) for my huawei U8860

  11. Loretta

    Hi, this may be a silly question, but the same thing is happening on my huawei phone….. if I have all my contacts saved to my sim not my phone, will it still delete them all

  12. srini

    Excellent !!! It worked for me and its very simple solution. No hastle of files processing etc,.

  13. Dan

    Wow—–thanks I had written all them down, and it didn’t remove contacts!

  14. Cindy

    Unfortunately, I lost all my contacts, call log, etc. Didn’t work on my LG G2x Android cell phone.

  15. i have an LG g2x – i don’t want to have it delete all my contacts – any suggestions?

  16. don

    The screen has the message in a window that is on top of the main screen with a “force close” button. Can’t get to anything because of this. I have tried reset; unplug battery; remove microsd. What now?


  17. Emanuel N

    The solution is simple…uninstall Hotmail and any other app from Microsoft.

  18. kashif Saeed

    Working well, thanks fr the support

  19. Hans

    Only Deleting the data of Contact/-Storage Service and so on .. didnt fix the problem for me. (Android 2.3.7)

    But Uninstalling all Microsoft apps (including Skype) worked for me.

    I guess if that doesnt help its worth a try to uninstall all applications that use your Contacts or sync with them.

  20. Jo

    Well DONE !!

  21. jaylei nastor

    all procedures done to my huawei ascend g510 but to no avail..still geting the same annoying.

  22. harlan

    Realmente funciona, uma soluçã osimples e eficaz!

  23. anupama

    i dont have all option in the above… what i have to do?

  24. wiley

    This is the only option that worked! Thanks!!!

  25. G Rabby

    it dosen’t work :( i need a solve very urgently

  26. siya

    Hi tried 2follow dos step for clearing contact stirage.coukdnt get help

  27. villager

    tried and it failed to worked so i uninstalled all google apps and it worked

  28. Simran

    I have problems with my contacs on my samsung Galaxy S2! :( I cannot create any more contacts because it says android acore problems~ I have also tried clearing cache and deleteing data on contact storage bt stil it doesnt work..Its really annoying and i dnt knw wat to do…Will be really apprecited if someone could help and guide me out!

    thank u!

  29. dat process is nt working..pls, tel anothr optn..urgently

  30. simmone

    hey! hans sed that i’d hav 2 delete apps dat needed my contacts.. i did dat.. it worked… i can download those apps bak again ryt…?

  31. Whitney

    Saved the day! Now I can stop pulling out my hair!

  32. I had this problem AFTER installing skype. I cleared contact data the first time I got this error, had to re-do contacts :\ …. Second time I uninstalled Skype, this seemed to fix it for me. Check other programs that ask about messing with “contacts”.

  33. J-Mac

    Worked on my Nexus 7. Thanks a million!

  34. pawan

    Gmt contact delete my phone

  35. Jennifer

    Great! it worked cos we have been trying so long to solve this problem thx

  36. ashish dahiya

    my micromax a26 not show my contact no.

  37. Worked for me, thank you immensely,

  38. Rafael Menesses


  39. sonia

    uninstalling whatsapp fixed the problem.

  40. eldybugs

    thanks man…….it works….

  41. jul

    I’ve got the same problem.

    1. Exported all contacts to sdcard.

    2. (Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications
    –> All (button on the top that lets you see all
    applications) –> scroll down to “Contacts
    Storage” –> Click on “Clear Data”.)

    3. Unistall all social apps: fcbook, tango, nimbuzz, etc.

    4. SOLVED!!!!

    5. All contacts were imported from sdcard ang got them.


  42. Steve

    Thank you so much. Worked perfectly! =)

  43. Hozen

    Does not work for me… I’m using Lenovo A690 (2.3.6), rooted and with custom ROM. Does this problem has to do with the latter???

  44. vikk

    thanx seems to be working on my HTC evo as well….

  45. Nida

    I have the same problem but my phone is not even starting now, so i cant get to my settings. can someone please tell me how to get it to start?

  46. Sakib Bhuiyan

    i have also the same problem.will this trick work on 2.3 android gingerband?

  47. Sakib Bhuiyan

    will this trick work 100%properly?
    ….please help!:

  48. Yay!!! it worked…. I did backup my contacts before I did it and I still have my contacts

  49. my e-reader has a message that says android process.acore not reading. Please help to remove.

  50. nadine

    Just removing Skype and a reboot worked for me! Thank you to everyone for all the ideas! SAMSUNG Infuse

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