How to Get Your Android Phone Out of Safe Mode

One of my friends suddenly found that her phone had put itself in “safe mode”. She had no idea how she had done it and no idea how to get it out of that mode. After looking around on the internet, I found a solution that worked for her.

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Turn it back on and hold the “up” volume button.

Pretty easy, but it seemed to work for her.

Hope this helps!

851 thoughts on “How to Get Your Android Phone Out of Safe Mode

  1. s. McBride

    Thank you soon much this worked. I dropped my phone in the water. Safe mode came on and I tried many things to get it to turn off. My apps wouldn’t work till it was off. Powered down and then when it went to repower itself, as it does in safe mode I held the ,”up” button on the volume then released to let it finish. It powred back on and reset my apps.THANK YOU.

  2. Braydon

    hasn’t worked………… Please help meeeeeee

  3. D

    Hey! Thanks so much! Your “out of safe mode”solution worked for me! Simple!


  4. Thanks it worked :-)

  5. Mabel

    Aaah, thank you! This happened to me and I could not figure out why. But now it’s back and all my apps that disappeared are back too. :D

  6. Thank you so much we had no idea how to get out of safe mode and nothing was seeming to work, I really honestly appreciate the help! :)

  7. Thanks

    The 2 steps to get rid of safe mode worked on my phone as well. Thank you.

    Turn the phone off.
    Turn it back on and hold the “up” volume button.

  8. Michelle Shie

    before the home screen appears

  9. B

    Thank you so much! It worked for me. On my screen it said “Exiting restricted mode”.

  10. victoriya

    I have tried everything ! I reset my whole phone..I Did the power button with the volume button but the sage mode is still there it will not go away plz help

  11. Belle

    This really help me..thank you very don’t know how grateful I am..million thanx xoxo

  12. Jan

    Thanks, I had no idea so many people had this “safe mode” problem….your simple “off/on +volume worked for me….

  13. Helppp please this did NOT work do I hold it or keep clicking it. I have no clue how to get out if this I held the up on the volume Burton when I was turning it back on but nothing happened when it actually did turn on

  14. That worked! shutting off and turning the phone back on and holding the ‘up’ button volume.

  15. Kathy Scott

    What is the safe mode ? why does the phone go in that?

  16. Amy

    I tried this several times with my son’s phone with no luck. Then thought what if I pulled the battery and then tried it? So I took the battery out, then powered on and held the volume up button and wah-lah! Safe mode gone. Thank you!

  17. Kristi

    Thank you! My phone goes into safe mode all the time. Usually if I turn it off, take out the battery for a minute and start over it’ll work, but it didn’t work this time. Doing the “volume up” trick did.

  18. I’ve tried everything including 2+ hours on the phone with tracfone and I can’t get it to go away! They even sent me a new one and guess what it’s in safe mode!

  19. That safe mode was driving me nuts…your solution worked…thanks so much!!

  20. Renee Helsel

    Thanks omg this helped so much missing my craigslist app.

  21. nips

    its not working on my phone.. i’ve tried every possible actions but my phone is still on safe mode.. its so damn annoying..

  22. Trish

    It worked thank you!!!

  23. tylersharp

    This trick did not work what works is turning your phone all the way off take the batery out and leve it out for 20 to 30 mins and then put it back in your phone and start it up then boom I out of safe mode. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. tammy

    it actually worked.

  25. Adediran David

    Thanks a lot, it really worked.

  26. rhovic

    thnx … wow!!!

  27. Janet

    Hi there, thanks so much for your post and some of the helpful comments here. I read all the comments., 90% of them are positive, a lot of thankful participants here. For those who can’t do what I did because time does not permit, I run 4 blogs myself – inspirational and natural health. This post has the best participation and results I have seen on the Net ever!

    My son and I updated to a Nokia Lumnia 640. Everything is running smoothly like clockwork on his and I have had so many interruptions on mine, even when I am not using it – quite annoying!

    I have been interrupted by pesky windows Update notitifications I have managed to switch off and my phone still kept switching itself off then on again………right in the middle of a text several times I was making (then it was lost) and you guessed it, during some calls as well.

    I was ready to go to the store to get them to adjust the settings when I thought I would make a quick google search and found this post. I’m tired now and want to call it a night but I intend to try the advice I’ve found here. I shall give you a summary of the most helpful tips I read here that are reported to work with or without this solution – mostly with.

    PS I run 6 websites these days – because I enjoy it obviously – but I do like a mobile just to be a phone (for text and calls) Why did they have to complicate things with frequent Microsoft updates and Flight Mode? That’s what they call Safe Mode on the Nokia Mobiles. Fortunately, I noticed the aeroplane emblem for a split second when the phone switched on again, a few times. That gave me a hint what to look for.

  28. Works excellent. Thanks now I can listen to Spotify

  29. appreciative

    Thanks! Worked on my daughter’s phone. No idea of how her phone got on safe mode, but I couldn’t get it out of safe mode til I tried this and it worked! Super Yay! Thanks so much for posting this!

  30. jan

    Thank you – I was absolutely stumped. No idea why Galaxy Core Prime suddenly went into Telstra safe mode – thanks to your lateral thinking it’s now back to normal! Panic over!

  31. Chris. Culpepper

    Does anyone know how to eliminate the message “unfortunately your e-mail has stopped working “on android. Phone?

  32. Emily

    Worked for me, even after all these years. Thanks!

  33. J.

    It worked!!!!

  34. J.

    Shut it off completely, and it worked.

  35. Melarie

    Thank you so much! One of my brothers (I have three) was messing around on my phone and somehow put it on safe mode. My sister found this method and it worked!

  36. aditi

    Yeah thnx it worked for my droid too

  37. john laing

    I will be happy if this works

  38. john laing


  39. Thanks Dear.
    It Really Worked On My Dad’s Nokia Phone :)

  40. Thanks for help! In this issues sometimes is more easy go to Google and search what is th best way to fix something.

  41. Very interesting for me

  42. Worked great! Took the bettery out for a few minutes, reinserted it and hit vol. down ad start until the phone powered on…let go of both buttons and VIOLA !!!!!!….nomre safe mode !!!!! A thousand thanks !!!!!

  43. Worked great! Took the bettery out for a few minutes, reinserted it and hit vol. down and start until the phone powered on…let go of both buttons and VIOLA !!!!!!….no more safe mode !!!!! A thousand thanks !!!!!

  44. Ian

    Thank you it works

  45. Fi

    The off/on worked! Thank you so much. Let’s hope the hair grows back from my pulling it out due to frustration of seeing that darn driving mode : )
    Cheers everyone!

  46. jamie

    Ok I have a LG Premiere LGL6VL and this did not help me!! I don’t know how it got in safe mode but I even tried a factory reboot and nothing has worked. Please help!!!

  47. Reagan Morgan

    my gf shut off safe mode on her brand spankin new straight talk LG Rebel and it took away the service….wtf? now how do you get the service back?

  48. Kaynaaliesmom

    This worked the very first time I did it. Thank you soooo much!!!!!

  49. Rita Sonberg

    Thanks so much! We couldn’t figure out how it got on there, or how to take it off. This worked right away!

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