How to Fix: Google Search Engine Not Working in Chrome

This is an easy one.

  1. Click on the tab in the upper right hand corner that lets you go to your Chrome settings.
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Show advanced settings…”.
  4. Under “Privacy”, click on “Clear browsing data…”.
  5. The following four items should have checkmarks:
    • Clear browsing history
    • Clear downloaded history
    • Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
    • Empty the cache

    The following four items should not have a checkmark in them (unless you want to clear this information too):

    • Clear saved passwords
    • Clear saved Autofill form data
    • Clear data from hosted apps
    • Deauthorize content licenses
  6. The default setting will be to delete the browsing data for the past hour, but if you have had this problem of not being able to use Google Search in Chrome for longer than an hour, you can change the setting of “Obliterate the following items from…” to a longer period. If you are not sure, leave this as “the past hour” for now. If this solution doesn’t work, try increasing this and doing it again.
  7. Click on “Clear browsing data”.

This should fix it, especially if the problem has just started recently. If it doesn’t do the trick, please say so in the comments.

134 thoughts on “How to Fix: Google Search Engine Not Working in Chrome

  1. Lujia

    Thank you sooooo much!! I can not use google chrome for 5days already and I need to do a report… You are my life saver! Thank you!

  2. Rakesh

    Hi ,
    My chrome is working for all other domains except Google. None of the Google products can load in Chrome. Can anyone help me please. I have tried resetting, uninstall and install a fresh version, cleared browsing history and other stuff but no use. Below is the error I am getting while trying to load

    This site can’t be reached

    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  3. nayeem

    its not working for me not able to get google serch ingine
    serch ingine is not working

  4. nayeem

    it shows only about: blank

  5. purushottam

    I tried as written, but still getting error as follows:

    “This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

  6. This did not work for me; sometimes when I go to a web page it will load but can’t click anything or it will not load anything and just stay white.

  7. Wanda Stanford

    Google Search still not working

  8. Cv

    Changed it to 1 day and started to work immediately.
    Thank you very much!
    This has been an issue for about a month!

  9. Cv

    Nope. Did not fix. Switched to 1 day.
    Worked once. Switched back to 1 hour.
    Still not working…

  10. sasanka

    removed chrome from windows firewall and then added it again . in my both computers simultaneously i had the issue as i was using broadband data card . it solved the problem .

  11. j joseph

    if Chrome doesn’t wish to keep customers/users, then say so, don’t make our lives a living misery.

  12. Anne

    I think this actually worked for me! Thank you :D

  13. This did not fix my google when I try to use it to search it will start then it will close the Google app how can I fix this

  14. Carol

    Feb 2017…nope! It didn’t work. Deleted all from the ‘beginning of time’ but still didn’t help. Grrr..but thanks for trying.

  15. Mike

    Excellent posting, short concise and very very helpful, Thank you soooo much!!! Kudos to you!!!

  16. So confusing

  17. Denise (DJ) Pool

    Hi, Shaney Crawford,
    Please help me_!!!
    The suggestion you supplied does not work because google was accidentally deleted from the browser list, so even when I tried to click on the link underneath – where it gives you a link to restore google as your default browser
    It just put me into Yahoo — and that is definitely not where I want to be —
    I am so used to google search — that I am having difficulty getting rid of it — actually I don’t want to — it is google chrome I want to be rid of — but I still find myself having to use it — and I need google search restored_!!! PLEASE — HELP ME_!!!
    I appreciate whatever help you can provide for me, sir_!!!
    Thank You, so very much for your help in this matter_!!!
    DJ Pool — DJP djp

  18. Evelyn

    Thanks girl, it worked for me!!

  19. Jeff Vanderberg

    This solution works perfectly for me every time this happens. Thank you! But why does this keep happening?
    It would be great to know whether or not I can do anything to prevent this problem in the first place.

  20. Joan Farrar

    did not work for me.

  21. Amanda

    This didn’t work for me, unfortunately — when I type something into the search bar or at, it downloads a search file (that is the type of file — a “file”). Just started doing this suddenly.

  22. Noel

    I tried this but still not working. I still get a new blank page. Is this Google or has someone tapped in?

  23. Victor R Carrion

    Someone in Google should address this issue. Hope they read all the comments and starting working in solution.

  24. First scrabble stopped loading on Facebook then a few days later google chrome became not secure. I have tried all the listed fixes and still, it’s not loading in the secure mode. Can you help?

  25. Michael

    THERE IS NO ” tab in the upper right hand corner that lets you go to your Chrome settings.”

    There is a 9-Dot symbol that opens up “My Account,” “Search” Maps”
    There is a symbol with a bell for notifications
    And my personal icon

    No tab for Chrome settings anywhere.

    Also your webpage says enter “Caphcha” but does not submit comment

  26. Suraj

    It didn’t work for me despite following all the above steps..

  27. bubbalou

    Search didn’t work with any search engine selected &I couldn’t even open links in a new tab. The only fix that worked for me was settings/advanced, bottom of page “restore setting to original defaults”.

  28. Faith

    Unfortunately it did not work. Just a completely white page shows up. Thanks for the help though.

  29. Gouri sankar

    Google search not display results for all browsers of my system.
    I am using windows 10 , I tested on Microsoft edge and chrome , on both browsers it show the auto suggestion but not display result , only shows the url with search the text

  30. Marlene

    It worked woohoo

  31. Cip and have stopped working on all my devices. It says that “Your connection to this site is not secure” and I understand it has to do with SSL certificates?? But you need a SSL certificate only in case you own a website. I do not have a website other than my youtube account. I can use and from another internet connection but not from my internet connection which is pretty darn frustrating. It doesn’t work in Firefox and Microsoft Edge either. I think my internet provider is messing with my connection and filtered out these 2 websites. I have to call them ASAP! >_<

  32. Athena

    I have 5 bars of Wi-Fi but yet whenever I search anything up on Google it says:
    But whenever I search something up with Duckduckgo it works.
    It also didn’t work when I went onto a Wiki website and used
    I’ve done a network reset, DNS flush, and cleared my cache but it still doesn’t work.

  33. Sundar

    whenever I try to search something in the chrome even though i have my search engine as google it switches to yahoo!! on loading, i tried your trick it didn’t work so i changed the time to all time it still didn’t work…. any solution will be helpful thanks in advance

  34. Rebecca

    I tried everything and gave up and deleted google and now I am using a different browser and it works great everything. Delete google and that solves the problem.

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