Pondering the American System of Government in February 2016

One problem is that intelligent people, who could lead fairly and justly, don’t often go into politics.

Another problem is that very few people know what the job of “governing” actually entails. It is not the same as running a business, even a very big business.

Furthermore, the premise that all the thinking in the world can be divided into two diametrically opposed streams is fundamentally, and tragically, flawed.

… … … … …

It’s 1:00am and the American system of government is keeping me up past my bedtime writing thesis statements for political science papers I wish someone would write and everyone would read and agree on so we could get tucked into the business of fixing things rather than watching members of the 1% spend millions of dollars over the course of more than a year preening for the camera and trying to convince everyone that they are intelligent enough to run the country, that they know how best to do so, and that one of those diametrically opposed streams of thought is fundamentally more righteous than the other.