ChatGPT: Write a Short Inspirational Text about Leadership

I asked ChatGPT to “write a short inspirational text about leadership”.

This is what it produced:

Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking charge, and taking responsibility for your actions. It’s about being a role model and inspiring others to be their best selves. It’s about having the courage to make tough decisions and the humility to listen to others. It’s about being accountable for your mistakes and learning from them. Above all, leadership is about having a vision and the determination to make it a reality. So be a leader in everything you do, and never be afraid to take the lead.


Pretty inspirational.

I feel like this is game-changing technology, but I am not sure if the impact will be “microwave oven / internet level” (massive impact on many people, can’t imagine living without it), “Hey Google level” (impact on some people, kind of fun, not essential), or “Metaverse level” (not really known well or understood [yet?], not sure of implications [yet?]).

It does seem likely that there will be an impact on content creation, at the very least. With a little bit of direction, it seems likely that ChatGPT could write many books on many subjects. Or at least many posts on many subjects. What will it mean if we start to look to AI rather than each other for our little “hits” of good advice and direction?

I’m really not sure, and no one really is. We sure do live in interesting times…