Guest Spot on The Coaching Inn with Claire Pedrick from 3D Coaching

What an absolute TREAT to be invited to join Claire Pedrick at The Coaching Inn to record a podcast about my coaching journey so far. And what an honour to have my episode associated with International Coaching Week!

Some background:

In January 2023, I decided to seek training as a coach. I looked into many different coaching programs, but the one that resonated the most with me was 3D Coaching Ltd, led by Claire Pedrick MCC. Claire’s concepts of “Simplifying Coaching” and “The Human Behind the Coach“, which are the names of her two books on coaching, along with Oscar Trimboli‘s guidance on “How to Listen” have helped to revolutionize my way of engaging in dialogue with the people around me. Even if I decided not to ever coach again, I would still make daily use of what I have learned over the past year from Claire and Oscar.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast!