How to respond to “if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you won’t be stopped in the first place.”

The whole point of the protests is that Black people *do* get stopped by police for doing nothing wrong. And when they do get stopped, regardless of whether they have done anything wrong or not, they tend to get treated with more brutality, and tend to be subject to extrajudicial killing by the police more […]

It’s All of Us

I had lunch with one of my mentors yesterday. She has worked in education for her whole career and is soon to retire. She grew up in Ibaraki and then went to Tokyo for university. She was originally planning to find a job in Tokyo after she graduated. However, she was not able to because […]

Why can’t we all just get along? Thoughts on the Effects of Underlying Relative Value Statements in Arguments

The latest argument pitting “Democrats” against “Republicans” is about children being separated from their parents. I put Democrat and Republican in quotes because almost no one who argues about stuff like this is an actual member of either of these parties. And I really dislike the idea that all of a person’s ideas can be […]