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Small Commitments to Action

I like the idea of making small commitments to action rather than large, wide-ranging, and ill-defined resolutions (e.g. “lose weight”, “be happier”, “make more money”). I think that taking small, concrete actions over a longer amount of time is more likely to get me moving in the right direction.

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How to Divorce Your Phone

The key point here is that you need to start by having a conversation with yourself about WHY you want to spend less time on your phone. If you can figure that part out, the rest of it has a chance to fall in place. Without the why, all of the tricks and tips in the world probably won’t help.

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Chase Serenity

In 2021, when I started on my journey of recovery from food addiction, the serenity prayer was reintroduced to me in the context of addiction. I had never thought about the connections between addiction and serenity, courage, and wisdom before. I thought addiction was just about the substance, and I didn’t realize that it’s our thoughts that bring us to addiction, and that serenity, courage, and wisdom could help get us out of it.

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