Feeling overwhelmed as a leader?

Shaney offers thinking in partnership sessions for people in leadership roles in schools who feel stuck, overwhelmed, or at a loss for how to proceed in complicated situations.

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Shaney is the head of an international school in Japan. She came into this leadership role suddenly and unexpectedly in 2011, which meant that she had a lot of learning to do, and made lots of mistakes in the process!

She has now led the school for over a decade through International Baccalaureate program authorizations and evaluations (for the PYP, MYP, and DP), Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation and evaluation, periods of crisis (death of a colleague, 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, COVID-19), facilities development, and an extended stage of growth (from eight students to over three hundred students).

Shaney brings her rich experience as a leader in education and what she has learned through her struggles with workaholism and food addiction to her coaching practice. She aims to listen deeply and with great attention during the conversation so she can help the thinker discover a way forward that is in line with their own knowledge and values.

Here are some areas of growth and development that leaders have brought to thinking sessions with Shaney.

  • Strategic Leadership Development (career and transition planning)
  • Personal Resilience in Leadership (fighting the overwhelm, dealing with imposter syndrome, avoiding overthinking)
  • Effective Communication in Leadership (improving relationships, setting and maintaining boundaries, having difficult conversations)

Leaders who have worked with Shaney in the past have gained new positions, discovered how to set and keep boundaries, and found the words to have difficult but important conversations. As a result, they have become happier in their jobs, more able to separate work from home life, and more effective at leading their diverse teams.

Do you want to become a more thoughtful and resilient leader?

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