Fake Arguments

I call it a “fake argument” when there is a supposedly controversial issue that, when you really think about it, doesn’t even need to be discussed. Here are my top three fake arguments. If you find yourself embroiled in an argument (online or otherwise) that involves any of these topics, don’t get fired up. Just ignore it. Walk away. It is fake. It doesn’t exist. It is rubber and you are glue.

  1. No one is trying to take away Christmas by saying “Happy Holidays”.
  2. Democrats vs. Republicans. Liberals vs. conservatives. These words are meaningless. Never remain involved in an argument that has devolved to the point where any of these words are being used. If you can’t express your own point of view without referring to a political ideology (that is only used to shore up a cult of personality around politicians), then your argument is invalid (and fake).
  3. Parents vs. childless people. Any intelligent person can tell that it is hard to raise children. Any intelligent person knows that there are reasons why some people cannot have children or choose not to have children. EOD.