How to Get Rid of the “Something Went Wrong” Problem with Links in Facebook on your Phone

My cellphone (Android, HTC J-One) started giving me the following error every time I tried to follow a link to an external site from the official Facebook app.

Something went wrong
Sorry but there was a problem with this link
[insert link here]
You can now continue to this website or go back to the page you were on before. Remember: Only follow links from sources you trust.

I found out that the reason this happened was because I was not logged in to Facebook in my browser. The links in FB are often masked with a different address that includes the FB domain and by jumping from the app to the browser (where I wasn’t logged in), Facebook somehow thought someone was up to no good. Once I opened my browser and logged in there, I could click on links in the FB app and be taken to them without this error popping up.

Some sites will mention that deleting the Facebook Pages app will fix this problem. It didn’t in my case.

5 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of the “Something Went Wrong” Problem with Links in Facebook on your Phone

  1. NB

    I’ve been having the same problem when using my Kobo tablet. I couldn’t find an answer anywhere. Thanks for the tip!

  2. i have this problem too . when i was share a link on facebook its want to prees follow link then go to my web site . please help me .

  3. having the same issue on my website :

    and could not fix the issue from last 4 months

  4. Daniel

    Good work. That did the trick.

  5. open pit

    is the error 365 specific to windows 10 and Facebook messenger app? two identical laptops behaving very differently with the high contrast themes , cortana stole the graphics on one of them!

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