In a Racialized Society, Everyone is Racist

Since we all grew up in a racialized society, we all have racist ways of thinking. I’m not saying we are all white supremacists, but we have all lived in a society that considers white to be the standard and others to be substandard, in so many different ways. This has a very negative effect on the lives of people who are not white, while it is almost invisible to people who are white.

This means that as white people, we have to understand that we don’t fully understand this issue, and we have to be humble enough to admit that, and try to learn more before we make assumptions like “these people don’t love the country” or “these people are just looking for a hand out”.

If you try to open your ears and eyes to the experiences of people of colour around you, you will likely be shocked and amazed at the ways that society works differently for them, and you will then, hopefully, understand why they are protesting, and support the cause rather than denigrating it as unpatriotic, or unnecessary.