Resource: NHK World

This site broadcasts news about Japan in English. Students can read, listen to, or watch the news. This site could be used in a variety of ways to help students familiarize themselves with issues in Japan. Japanese news (in Japanese) would be too difficult for most students to understand, so this make it more accessible

Resource: Hiroshima Panorama Project

This website offers three photos of Hiroshima after it had been bombed with a nuclear weapon. The website shows sections of panoramic photos of the city, and you can also order print versions for $25. These would be very valuable resources to use in a class about Hiroshima and the Second World War. Link:

Resources: Bonjinsha

Bonjinsha is one of the best places to shop for Japanese teaching materials, including textbooks, flashcards, and test materials. There is a store in Kojimachi that every Japanese language teacher should make a trek to at least once in his/her life! It is one thing to read about Japanese materials online, and it is quite

Resource: Billboard Japan Hot 100

Learning about pop music in another language can motivate students to want to learn more about that language. The Billboard site lists the latest top 100 songs in Japan, which could serve as a starting point for a research project on J-pop or a teacher could use it to keep students up-do-date with the latest

Resource: offers a wide range of podcasts and videos that can help students review what they have learned in class or learn new material independently. The site offers some content for free, but some can only be accessed by paying a membership fee. Teachers could also make use of the media on this site when

Resource: Erin’s Challenge

Erin’s Challenge is a comprehensive resource designed by the Japan Foundation. There are a collection of videos that cover a wide range of situations in Japan and there are many resources to go with the videos. Four different kinds of subtitles can be shown for each video (normal Japanese, hiragana, romaji, English). The videos could

Resource: Hiragana Times

Hiragana Times is a magazine that is designed for students of Japanese. The articles are written in Japanese, but the text has been modified to be slightly easier for students to read. The kanji characters are all given furigana so students can look up the meaning of the words easily. The magazine covers topics that