Connected to Public Wifi, No Internet Access (Hotel)

I was able to connect my phone to my hotel wifi, but not my computer. The computer connected to the network, but it said that I had “no internet access”. I looked online for some solutions and here are some of the things that I tried.

  • Turning my computer off and on.
  • Turning my wifi off and on.
  • Flushing my DNS (command prompt — ipconfig /flushdns)
  • Releasing my IP address and renewing it (command prompt — ipconfig /release, then ipconfig /renew)
  • Opening different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

None of these worked. Here is what did.

  • Network settings for the network in question
  • Go to “properties”
  • Internet protocol version 4
  • Go to “properties”
  • “Choose DNS server automatically” (mine was set to the Google DNS servers)

Hope this helps!