How to Fix the “android.process.acore” Problem on an Android Device

Edit: Some people have reported in the comments that this solution DOES DELETE YOUR CONTACTS. Use at your own risk! The problem: Your Android device (tablet, phone, Android TV) gives you the following message. “The process android.process.acore has stopped working.” The solution: Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> All (button on the top that

Mii on Wii

One of my friends has a Nintendo Wii and almost all of my friends here are included as characters on it. You can make your own character by choosing from a number of features (height, weight, hair colour, face shape, etc.) and then — I assume — you can use your character in games through

Now and Zen

I have been pining — literally PINING — after an alarm clock for more than six years now. You might wonder why someone would pine after an alarm clock for that long. The answer to that question is that this particular alarm clock costs over $100. That might set your mind to wonder why an