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How to Embed Picasa Web Album Slideshows into Blogs

As an addendum to the post that I just wrote about adding a slideshow to your website, I would like to add some more information about adding a Picasa slideshow to a site that is hosted on

It is not possible to embed Picasa slideshows into websites that are hosted on servers, but there is a workaround designed by VodPod. (Note that you can embed slideshows from other sources.)

See the VodPod Blog for instructions on how to get around this problem.

Add a Slideshow to a Website

One of my friends asked me how to add a slideshow like the one above to a website. Here is what I told her.

1. Get a gmail account ( if you don’t already have one. If you think that you will do this often for the particular website, make the name of the account something to do with the website rather than something to do with you personally (if the website is not about you).

2. Download Picasa ( and install if you don’t already have it.

3. Let Picasa search your computer for photos and import them. When it is finished importing them, find the photos you want to make into a slideshow.

4. Select the photos that you want to put into the slide show and upload them to a “web album” from inside Picasa.

Do this by selecting the photos and then clicking on the “Web Album” button at the bottom of the Picasa interface.

You can select all photos in an album by clicking on the album and pressing Control+A. You can select individual photos by holding down the Control key as you select them. A blue frame will appear around the ones that you select.

Once you have selected the photos. click on “Web Album” to upload them. (You may need to sign up for a web album account as a part of this process. If so, use the same account that you made in Step 1.)

5. Once your photos are online, go to the web album to see them.

6. On the left side of the album, there will be a link to “embed slideshow”. Click on it and then copy the code and paste it into your website.

I am not sure if I have covered all of the steps in enough detail for everyone to follow. If not, please let me know in the comments where I left you hanging and I will try to give you more guidance.

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Views of Nepal

Two of my colleagues are from Nepal, so I am learning a lot about their country these days. One of my colleagues introduced me to a Nepali blogger named Rajesh KC, who also happens to be a famous Nepali cartoonist. In his latest blog post, Rajesh captured views of Kathmandu over a rare one-week period of clear skies.

For a week Nepal had cloudless blue skies starting from November 15 (2007). Kathmandu illuminated under the mountain range from Dhaulagiri to Gaurishanker. Mets said the clear skies in Nepal are due to a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. When the skies are clear in the Valley, 80% of the Himalayan range can be seen from Lalitpur area.

>>See Rajesh’s stunning photos of Kathmandu.

And if you like those photos, you also might like the ones he took of Manang, an area of Nepal that is rich with Tibetan influences.

Better Now?

I feel like I owe it to my readers to post something beautiful after forcing you to look at such an ugly site. Here is a nice autumn scene to help you erase that abomination from your visual cortex.

Autumn leaves in Tsukuba
Autumn leaves in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan