Someone Copied my Blog

Moments after I posted some articles about adding Picasa slideshows to websites, a rogue blogger stole my content and posted it VERBATIM to his own blog. I am certain that this was an automated attack and that it was nothing personal. (It was too fast to be otherwise.) I checked some of the other posts

Add a Slideshow to a Website

One of my friends asked me how to add a slideshow like the one above to a website. Here is what I told her. 1. Get a gmail account ( if you don’t already have one. If you think that you will do this often for the particular website, make the name of the account

My Eyes, My Eyes!

The people who designed this site… …are going to protect us if anything happens to Japan. (Please click on the image so you can go to the site and get the full effect. I can’t really describe all that flashing and animation in words. I am actually tempted to take a video just so that