Only a Parent Can Understand

Article about parenting. Comment that completely agrees with the premise of the article. Comment that sarcastically points out that non-parents are still human and can also sympathize with the situation. Snarky comment that non-parents always make the conversation about themselves. Comment that you can’t guess what people have been through because there are many reasons

Proof That We Don't Know Anything at All

From the August 18 issue of Knowledge News: As amazing as that sounds, scientists soon did something even more astounding. In 2000, they created a pulse of light that briefly achieved faster-than-light speed. Again, the material that the light passed through–in this case, cesium gas–made the difference. The leading edge of the light didn’t speed


Who likes the little, little duckies in the pond? Ze does! He does! He does! A chicka quack quack. — If you have never heard of Ze Frank, start watching his show so you can be in on the fun. (This page will make a lot more sense once you’ve been inducktrinated by Ze.)

In (Heart) with a Video Blogger

Ze Frank is a “regular guy” (sort of) who has a website and a video blog. I happened upon his site when I learned about a problem on Wikipedia, where certain people have been deleting Wikipedia pages on particular bloggers, saying that they are not really worthy of inclusion. Reading the blurb about Ze got